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High-torque-capacity transmission used in the Cadillac CTS-V
Series with the 556-hp/551-lb.-ft. LSA supercharged 6.2L engine
• Direct fit with LSA and LSX454 crate engines with 8-bolt crankshaft flange
• Equipped with 26-spline input shaft and a fixed-yoke production style output shaft
• Includes release bearing
• Use with installation kit P/N 19259270
• Requires body-mounted shifter (not included)


The TR-6060 is the latest and greatest in TREMEC's high-performance O.E. transmission family; designed to help our O.E.M. customers more effectively make use of their extreme power and torque offerings. A nearly complete departure from the original T-56 it was designed to replace, the TR-6060 represents a vast improvement over the T-56 in nearly every conceivable way.

Featuring all-new compact synchronizers, TREMEC engineers created additional space to stuff substantially wider gears into—thus increasing torque capacity while at the same time creating shorter throws and a better shift feel! And while the packaging itself appears virtually unchanged; not a single component, from the forks to the split washers to the main case itself, went without an improvement.

Other features of the new TR6060 transmission include:
Reduced friction in the shifter system courtesy of a new cam and anti-friction plunger to control the side load shift detents.
Forward and rearward shift detent grooves are broached on the front of the main-shaft with a spring-loaded anti-friction roller, for more precise control of shift detents and positive shift feel.
Anti-friction ball struts, sintered hubs and fine-pitch splines on all synchronisers for reduced friction between components - delivering improved shift feel and reduced shift efforts.
Wider, two piece gears with machined clutch teeth for more precise gear engagement and reduced potential for gear block-outs."

1st: 3.01
2nd: 2.07
3rd: 1.43
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.84
6th: 0.57
R: 3.28




TR6060 6 Speed Manual (MG9) Gearbox (Hi-Torque) Use With LSA, LSX454 Engines

VAT Included
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