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Stainless Steel Interlock Flexible Hose 


Flexible stainless steel exhaust pipe for exhaust systems

For Wastegate and similar

This flexible stainless steel exhaust pipe is actually the inner layer of the Interlock Flex Pipes. It is a stainless steel exhaust pipe which can be bent and thereby balances vibrations and movement for example heat expansion. Very suitable for the Wastegate return line or manifold construction.

Note: The flexible pipe can never be 100% gas-tight due to its flexible construction method.
strong>Inner Diameter: 40mm / 45mm
Length: 500mm
Maximum bending radius: 200mm / 220mm
Material: 100% stainless steel 1.4301 / SS304 / V2A


Contents:0,50 m

Stainless Steel Interlock Flexible Hose

PriceFrom £30.00
VAT Included
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