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Shurella's Plush Microfibre Cloth- Large

1000GSM Premium


High GSM fabric - plush, extra thick and fluffy.  The right cloth to give your car a streak free shine. This cloth is perfect for use with detailing sprays, spray waxes and residue left by waxes. It is also perfect for using this towl after you have washed your car as it is super absorbent.


It's deep pile traps the dirt and makes sure your paint work is buffed to perfection minimizing swirls and scratches.


Top Tip:

When you need to clean your cloth, simply machine wash on a cool setting using a liquid detergent, spin dry and leave to air naturally. Do not use a powder detergent, do not use fabric softener and do not tumble dry.


£3.50 Including VAT 

Shurella's Plush Microfibre Cloth- Large

VAT Included
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