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Renegade Pro E112


Renegade Pro E112 is our leaded version of E85 and is a premium quality racing grade ethanol product. Renegade Pro E112 is a specially blended to produce maximum power and engine protection. Renegade Pro E112 is made with premium alkylates and race quality ethanol which produces the highest consistentcy for a blend of E85 racing fuel. No need for further fuel testing re-mapping or tune-ups.


Renegade Pro E112
Octane – R+M/2 118
Motor Octane 117
Research Octane 119
Specific Gravity 0.780
RVP 3.7
Leaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 9.89 : 1
Oxygenated Yes
Colour Gold


** On all our fuels we offer collection from our store and an email will be sent out when your order is ready to collect, alternatively please select the Shipping Method that States ‘Fuel’ and we will get a quote sent straight over to you **

Renegade Pro E112 Race Fuel

PriceFrom £95.00
VAT Included
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