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Ethanol Content Sensor (ECS)

SKU 101-0034


Looking to run flex-fuel? Then the Ethanol Content Sensor is a must have. The Ethanol Content Sensor measures the ratio of ethanol to petrol in a flex fuel vehicle. This sensor also measures fuel temperature. Compatible with all current Link Wire-In and Plug-In ECU’s. Uses 1 Digital input on the ECU. The sensor is fitted to the vehicle’s fuel return line anywhere between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel tank.

Technical Specs

The pinout is indicated on the sensor itself (from left to right looking into connector on sensor) as :
1.) Vcc (+12V supply)
2.) GND (ground)

  • AN-6 Fittings 
  • Includes plug and pin kit

Ethanol Content Sensor (ECS)

SKU: 101-0034
VAT Included
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