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CO2 cooler - single bottle 5kg


Single 5kg CO2 bottle for CO² intercoolers system

Note: Please see the picture for dimensions.

The CO2 cooling system explained:
Everyone knows the feeling of a better driving vehicle at colder temperatures.
Get the cold now at the push of a button.
CO² (carbon dioxide) is used in welding and paintball. Since this gas itself is harmless, it is also used in many domestic applications. Unlike NOS, CO² can be purchased easily and frequently. These arguments convinced us to include such a system in our program.
As the name suggests, the CO² cooling system works on the basis of cooling. It is not added to the engine or mixture. Thus no uncontrolled damage can occur. It simply and effectively cools the charge air by up to 30°C using 2 methods. And can also cool down the fuel. Please ask your gas supplier (e.g. also DIY store) for CO². And whether bottles can be filled by you. With some gas suppliers the bottle must be rented from these, so that the purchase of a kit without bottle is quite more meaningful.
The Start-up Set contains the basic components. You will receive all necessary hardware and electronics as well as, depending on your choice, the unfilled bottle in the desired size.
The kit contains the connection cable to the switching valve. We manufacture additional cables to connect the components according to your requirements.
At least one intercoolers loop must be used with the kit, as this releases the gas and thus achieves an enormous cooling effect on the intercooler corework. Without this gas escape the other components will not work.
In addition, a heat sink can be connected in series beforehand. Depending on the position, this cools the intake air or charge air. It looks symbolically like a chunk of ice in the piping. The air flowing past becomes extremely cold. Such a body can also be used in intake AND charge air lines.
A gasoline heat sink is also available. This tank is also cooled and withdraws the heat from the fuel.

CO2 cooler - single bottle 5kg

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VAT Included
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