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4-Cyl. CNC stainless steel turbo manifold collector T4 Twinscroll with 2x Wastegate ports


CNC machined turbo manifold collector

Turbo collector fully milled from stainless steel

Now available at TurboZentrum! Full CNC machined stainless steel turbo manifold collectors. Perfect for turbo manifolds to achieve maximum performance! A milled turbo collector offers unbeatable advantages:

- For manifold manufacturerer: The manifold collector is always exactly the same, providing a 100% accurate repeatability in one gauge manufacturing. This was not always possible with welded collectors due to tolerances and distortion during welding.
- For maximum performance: Because the turbo collector is machined from one block of CNC, there are no swirling edges, chamfers or steps that can negatively impact flow behavior.
- For long durability: These stainless steel manifold turbo collectors can not tear because of their one-piece manufacturing. Thus, a long durability is guaranteed even under heavy weight turbochargers, downpipes and exhaust systems.

Suitable for:
4-cylinder manifolds and turbocharger with divided (twin-scroll) T4 flange exhaust housing and 2x external wastegates, for example:
BorgWarner EFR T4
Airwerks S200SX /SX-E, S300SX / SX-E, S400SX / SX-E
Garrett GT / GTX / GTX GEN2

Inside diameter inlet: n.a.
Length merge: n.a.
Outer diameter collector pipes: 42,4mm
Length Collector: n.a.
Outer diameter collector: n.a.

4-Cyl. CNC stainless steel turbo manifold collector T4 Twinscroll with 2x Wasteg

SKU: 118048
VAT Included
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