Everything From Engine Rebuilds To Full Chassis

Race Engine Rebuilds 
Engine building has always been at the heart of Straight To The Point Racing.  Whether you require a refresh on a small block Chevy, a high horsepower LS engine, a full race-engine build or a production run of multiple race or sports car engines. Here at Straight To The Point Racing we pride ourselves in the whole package. With our machine shop and immaculate engine building facility. We build engines for circuit racing, drag racing, street driven race  cars and much more. 

Chassis & Fabrication
 Along side our Engine and Transmission building we also do all fabrication in house to. We have the capabilities to do anything from a stainless and titanium custom exhaust to a full  race car chassis.  We build bespoke roll cages and chassis components, we make custom cooling packs  including radiators and inter-coolers, pressure tested Motorsport plumbing, bespoke machining, custom brake kits and adapters. 

Transmission Rebuilds 
Here at Straight To The Point Racing we rebuild almost any transmission you can think of. We pride ourselves in being specialists in T56, TH400, muncie, super t10 and most Ford or Chevy manual transmissions . Whether you just need a refresh or a transmission spec'd to your HP, we can do this all in house. 

Full Restorations & Concourse 
Full restorations is another one of our much loved jobs! We can complete full restorations in house from start to finish on any classic. Even down to very last nut and bolt. There is no need to outsource any part of the restoration to anyone else as our team cover every aspect. 

Aftermarket Electronics
We also supply and fit most makes of aftermarket ECU's and PDM's . Specializing in Haltech Holley and Fueltech. W e install and tune on board air and CO2 fed boost controllers and install most types of data loggers. 

Transport and Storage
We offer transport to and from the racetrack as well as vehicle storage. We can test and tune your car until its fully ready for you to race, then offer you the on track support from our team when you are racing the car yourself. 

General maintenance and race car preparation
We offer general maintenance and race car preparation to our customers including servicing and under body treatment.  Nut and bolt checks, chassis and suspension set up as  well as brake fluid changes and overall prerace car and engine inspections.