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Turbosmart proudly presents the WG50 Alloy Inlet Weld Flange, designed for Turbosmart ProGate50 (50mm) External Wastegates. This flange is made from high-performance alloy and engineered to provide robustness and increased durability. With its advanced construction, this flange ensures maximum strength and reliability in any application. Turbosmart?s weld flange creates a secure seal between your wastegate and exhaust system for optimal performance and efficiency. Get the most out of your Turbosmart product with this top-of-the-line inlet weld flange!

For additional peace of mind, Turbosmart offers a comprehensive warranty on all Turbosmart parts that covers material and workmanship for one year. Turbosmart also offers lifetime technical support, so you'll always have access to the help you need.

Don't miss out on Turbosmart's high-quality WG50 Alloy Inlet Weld Flange! Get yours today and experience the Turbosmart difference.

WG50 Alloy Inlet Weld Flange

SKU: TS-0502-3007
VAT Included
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