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Universal BOOST Products Flex Pipe In Various Sizes


for welding made of 100% Stainless Steel

High quality with Interlock reinforcement


- universal for welding
- BOOST Products Flex pipe in best quality completely made of stainless steel
- gas tight spiral wall
- with an inner continuous streamlined reinforcement
- suitable for every output
- very advisable for turbocharger and supercharger upgrades
- very flexible but still stable
- extremely durable, close to be indestructible
- very resilient, also with high exhaust temperatures
- Also applicable in the Downpipe, just after the turbocharger

Technical Specifications:
- diameter Intake: various
- diameter Exit: various
- Overall Diameter: various
- Length: various
- Material: 100% stainless steel 304
- 4-layers

The picture shows an example. The proportions might not match.

Universal BOOST Products Flex Pipe In Various Sizes

PriceFrom £21.50
VAT Included
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