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TIG/WIG Purge Lock Backpurging Cap 38 mm (1.5") (SCHpipe = for Turbo manifold pipes)


High quality Titaniumium backpurging cap with 38 mm for manifold pipes

End cap for the purge welding of tubes

Usually we offer a new product range only if we can offer the complete portfolio. With the Titaniumium welding accessories offered here it is possible to weld any Titaniumium components with each other. Last but not least you will also find the welding consumables for welding Titaniumium.

You're watching the weight? Stainless steel is too heavy for you? With our extremely extensive range of Titaniumium parts, you can manufacture exhaust systems, boost pipes or similar from the highest quality raw material for these applications. We work together with the manufacturer Titaniumium Dynamics from the USA, which only offers grade 3 or 4 Titaniumium. So it is possible to use this Titaniumium in the exhaust area. Do not be fooled by inferior offers here! Unfortunately there is, meanwhile also in Germany, a large offer of Titaniumium parts which are also offered for the field of exhaust systems, but only made of Grade 1, and thus become soft, deform or crack already at 500°C.

Material: Titanium Grade 3
Outside diameter: 38 mm (1.5")
Wall thickness: 1,0 mm (0.39")
Length: 30cm

TIG/WIG Purge Lock Backpurging Cap 38 mm (1.5") (SCHpipe = for Turbo manifold pi

SKU: 201150
VAT Included
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