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Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Flange T3


Flange for manifold construction

High quality stainless steel turbo flange with thread

With our manifold flanges you receive the flange with which the turbocharger is installed on the manifold. We also supply pipe bends and collectors for the construction of turbo manifolds. All flanges are water jet cut to avoid distortion during the cutting process. As well as 100% flat and high quality. We choose the material thickness from experience in the optimal thickness.

Material: Stainless steel
Material thickness: 10mm
Total dimensions: 110mm x 69mm
Dimensions cut-out: 61mm x 44mm
Hole spacing: 86mm x 46mm
Thread size: M10
Extras / Features: Thread. no holes.

For / Fits:
Turbocharger T3(X) up to T37
Turbocharger KKK27 etc.
Garrett T3
Garrett T3/T4 (but not pure T4 turbos)
Garrett GT32
Garrett GT35
Garrett GT37
Garrett GT30R, GT3076R, GT3076RS, GT30RS, GT30R HF
Garrett GT35R, GT3582R, GT35/40R, GT35R HF
Garrett GT3082R, GT30/40R, GT3082R HF
Garrett GT3071R
BorgWarner KKK K27

As well as all other Garrett turbochargers with T3 exhaust variants. E.G. GT2554R with T31 exhaust side, etc.w.

If you are not sure whether this flange will fit on your turbo, you can make a sketch of your exhaust side amd we can then compare 

Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Flange T3

SKU: 402525
VAT Included
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