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SPA Exhaust Manifold VAG 8V - Cast iron - T3 centrally


High-quality SPA Turbo cast manifold

High quality cast iron, perfect fit and optimum price-performance ratio

SPA cast manifolds for turbo conversions or upgrades are made of high quality cast iron with the alloys required for the application, all SPA manifolds are designed with digital software for weak points and flow to prevent cracking and develop optimum performance. Before an elbow goes on sale, it is tested on several vehicles over a longer period in real driving conditions and racing applications.
All manifolds fit perfectly, which unfortunately cannot be said of many cheap manifolds. br>
With a SPA manifold you get a perfect price/performance ratio.

Art: Casting
T3 arranged in the middle
Wastegate: L-flange for 38mm TiAL or Synapse 40mm


Note: Also available as version with side flange

SPA Exhaust Manifold VAG 8V - Cast iron - T3 centrally

SKU: 432041
VAT Included
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