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Shurella's Extreme Quick Detailer


Shurella's Extreme Quick Detailing Spray- No smears or streaks.

Perfect for when you do not have enough time to wax your vehicle but still need the fresh waxed look. It will give your vehicle that glossy finish adding an additional layer of protection!


How To Use:

  1. Give the bottle a good shake before use.
  2. Apply a fine mist to one panel at a time.
  3. Using a fresh microfibre cloth spread evenly over the area. 
  4. Turn the microfibre cloth over to a clean dry side, gently buff the panel and reveal the SHINE!


  • Keeping your vehicle maintaned in-between washes
  • Clean light dust and dirt on the go 
  • Showroom finish 
  • Repels fresh dust and dirt 
  • Ultimate show detailer


500ml Bottle


£12.50 Including VAT 



Shurella's Extreme Quick Detailer

VAT Included
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