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Renegade Ratman The Juice Cetane Diesel Booster


Renegade RATMAN The Juice Diesel Cetane + Power is a concentrated formula that increases both torque and horsepower of your diesel engine. Not only significantly increasing the cetane value of your fuel, its oxygenated formulation allows for a more complete combustion giving you more power from every stroke. 

RATMAN The Juice Diesel also provides much needed lubricity to protect your injectors and pumps from scarring which is even more critical with today’s ultra low sulphur fuels.  It contains fuel system cleaning additives to keep the injectors flowing at their maximum capacity, allowing you to take full advantage of the power potential of your diesel engine.  RATMAN The Juice Diesel can be used in your daily driver or your high performance powerhouse.

Mixing Guide

For daily drivers to mild performance diesels, add 1 can to up to 110 litres of fuel.

Higher horsepower applications add 1 can to 37 litres of fuel.

Renegade Ratman The Juice Cetane Diesel Booster

VAT Included
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