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Renegade SX2 is an oxygen-rich leaded formulation made specifically for two stroke motocross applications. SX2 is not simply a base fuel with oxygen added like other fuels on the market.  SX2 is a two stroke-specific performance formulation that is a result of rigorous research and development. SX2 delivers unmatched power and throttle response, with remarkable stability under a wide range of air density and temperature conditions.

Available in 5 gallon pails and 54 gallon drums


  • Octane – R+M/2          104.5
  • Motor Octane               100
  • Research Octane         109
  • Specific Gravity            0.711
  • RVP                                   8.35
  • Oxygen                            5.6%
  • Leaded                            Yes
  • Stoich Ratio                   14.21:1
  • Color                                 Lt. Purple


** On all our fuels we offer collection from our store and an email will be sent out when your order is ready to collect, alternatively please select the Shipping Method that States ‘Fuel’ and we will get a quote sent straight over to you **


Renegade Moto SX2 5 Gallon

VAT Included


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