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Precision TurboT-Bolt Clamp - 3.25"-3.75"

Part Number: PTP071-1020


Making sure you have the proper clamp mated to your turbo shouldn't be an afterthought. To help facilitate installation and removal, make sure you use genuine Precision Turbo & Engine V-Band or T-Bolt clamps.

This PTE T-Bolt Clamp features the following:
Provides a uniform, positive seal in high boost applications
Manufactured from durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel
Adjustable from 3.25"-3.75"

Don't waste your energy struggling with a lesser quality part. Precision's clamps are designed to save you time and money!


Precision Turbo T-Bolt Clamp - 3.25"-3.75"

SKU: PTP071-1020
VAT Included
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