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Intercooler 550x180x65mm - 60mm - Competition 2015 | BOOST products


Universal Motorsport intercooler completely made of aluminium

Model 2015 with CompetitionFin-and-Tube Core

With the new 2015 intercooler series you get a cooling network of the latest generation at the best price-performance ratio. The new Competition core boasts accurate workmanship and excellent cooling effect with extremely low back pressure. While the old Bar-and-Plate cores have long been replaced by Fin-and-Tube cores, our new Competition core s now also replace the Fin-and-Tube cores. The particularly lightweight cooling cores have internal turbulators for optimum heat transfer, as well as set external fins to make optimum use of the airflow. An optimal balance in terms of cooling, weight, robustness and price. The cast aluminium end tank are made of 3mm thick cast aluminium and can withstand the highest boost pressure. The 2015 model series comes with matt instead of polished boxes. All charge air coolers are pressurized to 5 bar.

Overall dimensions: 694 x 180 x 65mm
Core dimensions (comparison value)*: 550 x 180 x 65mm*
Core dimensions (real)*: 550 x 180 x 55mm*
Connection diameter: 60mm
Mounting points: 2x M8 thread each at top and bottom
Weight: 3,18kg

* The core dimension given in the name is a comparison value to the previously known Bar-and-Plate intercoolers. Due to their design, the new fin-and-tube cores have smaller dimensions, which gives them an advantage in terms of weight and response behaviour (smaller volume). The effectively smaller fin-and-tube cores are nevertheless comparable with the bar-and-plate sizes, as this difference in volume is more than compensated by the better cooling effect. You will get a higher performance and a better response behaviour with a 1:1 exchange.

Intercooler 550x180x65mm - 60mm - Competition 2015 | BOOST products

SKU: 400103
VAT Included
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