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A turbocharger is a great way to increase engine power, but it can also create some challenges for your plumbing. Hose reducers are an essential part of the turbocharger equation, and they need to be up to the task of handling high temperatures and pressures. Our silicone hose reducers are designed for that purpose, with constant temperature resistance from -50 to 170 degrees Celsius (-60 to 340 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure rated to 220PSI. With a 5mm wall thickness, they can handle whatever your turbocharged engine can dish out.

Thanks to its multi-layered construction, this hose can withstand higher temperatures and pressures than other silicone hoses on the market. Order your Turbosmart Silicon Hose Reducer today!

Hose Reducer 2.00-3.00" BLACK

SKU: TS-HR200300-BK
VAT Included
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