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Turbosmart CompGate40 external wastegates are an ideal match for Turbosmart Gen4WG40 Valve Seats. The valve seat is designed to provide a perfect seal between the Turbosmart CompGate40 external wastegate and your engine, ensuring maximum boost pressure control and performance. With its precision-crafted construction and robust design, Turbosmart?s Gen4 WG40 Valve Seat provides superior quality that you can rely on. Installation is simple, with all necessary hardware included in the package; so you can rest assured that your Turbosmart CompGate40 external wastegate will fit precisely into place without any hassle or extra work required. Get the most out of your Turbosmart CompGate40 External Wastegate by having Turbosmart?s Gen4 WG40 Valve Seat as the perfect spare part. With Turbosmart, you get superior quality and performance regarding external wastegates and valve seats!

Gen4 WG40 Valve Seat

SKU: TS-0505-3003
VAT Included
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