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Flexrohr Kompensator HD | BOOST products


Various sizes and variations

Made solely out of Stainless Steel, Gas Proof, extremely sturdy, for Downpipes, Wastegate Pipes

This compensator has an inner pipe what keeps the gas flow straight and avoids the direct heat to the outer flex waves. But the inner pipe makes the inner diameter smaller, where we recommend to use always one size bigger than at the standard compensators. Best purpose is the construction of Wastegate pipes, downpipes, exhaust systems or manifold construction. The BOOST products Flex Pipe Compensators are extremely resilient but still flexible. Completely made of Stainless Steel.

A compensator compensates like the name says expansions caused by temperature. For example Wastegate pipes after the turbo manifold or downpipe. It serves to compensate the expansions on these spots to prevent cracking of these pipes.
It is not in the position to absorb heavy load and is thereby not suitable as a Flex Pipe substitute. Here we recommend a reinforced Flex Pipe from our product portfolio.

Material: stainless steel 1.4301 / SS304 / V2A
Outer diameter exhaust pipe: various
Inner diameter exhaust pipe: various
Inner diameter HD pipe (intenal pipe): various
Length: various

Flexrohr Kompensator HD | BOOST products

PriceFrom £23.00
VAT Included
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