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Kompact Range by Turbosmart is a high performance upgrade for the factory plastic diverter and bypass valves factory fitted to turbocharged cars, replacing the plastic and rubber system with a Motorsport-Proven billet alluminium valve which uses our boost-balance system for optimum performance and reliability, the the life of the vehicle. 

The Kompact Range is a direct swap for your factory valve and benefits from immiediate performance and throttle response improvements, while offering unmatched reliabiltty over the life of standard, mildly tuned or heavily upgraded engines.

Turbosmart's Boost-Balance system means the more boost you feed these valves, the better they seal - simple as that! The Billet Manufaacturing system ensures reliability and unmatched response is acheived by our 28mm postive-sealing piston based actuation.

The Kompact BMW Kit is a performance bolt-on replacement for the factory plastic bypass valves offering a more incredible boost response and no leaks including 2 valves and silicon hoses for remote mounting.

Available in Dual Port / Vent to Atmosphere: TS-0203-1050 Plumback / Recurculating:? TS-0203-1250 Z4 Additional Connecting Pipe: TS-0203-2001
Features Boost-Balance Valve Technology 28mm High Flowing Positive Sealing Piston Direct Swap for OEM Units Billet construction with high-temperature o-rings Fitment Available in Plumback or Dual Port options
Suitable for the N54 Twin Turbo BMW 135, 335 and Z4 (required addiitonal pipe kit TS-0203-2001).

BOV Kompact Plumb Back System - BMW

SKU: TS-0203-1250
VAT Included
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