Boostcontroller PBC Pro with OBD and EGT


With OBD and 1x exhaust gas temperature

The ultimate boost controller. Also speed and gear dependent.

The PBC PRO is an electronic boost controller of a new revolutionary generation, which with an integrated AFR display and a mix of unique features serves even the most demanding tuning and driving needs.

Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast, professional tuner or drag racer, or if your vehicle has a turbocharger, the PBC PRO with superior functionality and ease of use will give you full control over vehicle horsepower performance.

Accuracy, versatility, performance and ease of use were at the core of the PBC Pro development process. Our determination to deliver a first class motorsport solution is reflected in all product details. CNC made aluminium housing, TYCO Spec 44 wiring, incredibly accurate boost pressure control function, high quality solenoid valve and special very small 4 bar MAP sensor.
The PBC PRO is now back in stock, it includes a mini USB port for easy firmware upgrades and remains the new ultimate generation of boost controllers that run on some of the fastest turbo engines in the world and it is getting better and better.


- OBD CAN BUS Connections
- Simultaneous boost pressure control in 7 dimensions
- AFR Display
- EGT Warning & Limit
- Compatible with Porsche & VAG TFSI engines


4 User-selectable presets
Select custom configurations to suit your different driving preferences. Simply switch between them through external switches or the intuitive navigation menu.

OBD Can Bus Connection option
View data and use data from the standard engine control unit such as water, air temperature, load, manifold pressure and ignition setting without the need for additional wiring

Adding external switches
Connect your PBC Pro with external switches and simply select presets with the greatest convenience


7 Dimensional boost pressure control
At different levels and simultaneously boost pressure control in 7 dimensions: Gear, revolutions, throttle, air temperature and time (coming soon). Both in open or closed loop mode. Configure the boost plans directly on the unit and save up to four different custom presets with your preferred settings.

Up to 6 bar boost pressure control
Unlimited boost pressure management even for drag racing vehicles with extreme performance. Supplied with preset 4 bar MAP sensor, but works with sensors up to 6 bar.

Displays 1, 2, 4 or even 8 parameters
Configuration according to your needs. Select up to 8 performance parameters for real-time viewing from a list of over 40 options.

Lambda - Air/Fuel Warning & Limit
Set a lambda limit for each 500 revolutions. When the engine reaches a set boost pressure limit and lambda is lower than the set limit, a warning is displayed and the boost pressure is switched off.


VAG motors (TSi & TFSI)
Using VAG CAN Bus communication protocol, display and use of advanced electronic control unit parameters such as knock sensor per cylinder, fuel pressure, oil temperature, misfire count, revolutions, lambda, speed, water/air temperature, throttle position and ignition timing.
Porsche 996T
Without extra wiring, the CAN bus connection to the engine control unit, engine speed, vehicle speed, water temperature, intake air temperature and throttle position can be set.


EGT Input & Display
The PBC PRO is equipped with single or dual EGT (exhaust gas temperature) inputs and allows you to easily monitor exhaust gas temperatures. Set an alarm and a limit to prevent engine damage due to overheating.

Charging pressure limit parameter
Smart Engine Protection at the touch of a button. Set boost limit parameters depending on OBD PIDs and external sensors, such as fuel pressure, to proactively prevent engine damage.

Features for Tuners
The PBC PRO is equipped with many features specially designed for tuners. It is possible to password protect the limits, tuning settings and statistics and in addition values such as maximum boost, EGT, revolutions and statistical data on boost are recorded.
Motor protection relay output
Prevent engine damage due to excessive boost pressure, extreme exhaust temperatures or lean AFR lambda conditions. Use the additional output to completely shut down your engine in case of severe mechanical damage.

Charging pressure recording (histogram)
You can record the boost pressure curve by a log run.


Apart from its boost features, the PBC PRO is equipped with additional sensors and functions that can replace up to 6 different instruments / displays.
EGT Meter
+ Temperature based motor protection Function

Diagnostic OBC Display
+ Motor protection based on OBD parameters (display, protection, control, display&erase of error codes)

Broadband AFR display**
+ Advanced engine protection due to low AFR mixtures

Oil or Air Temperature Display**
+ Temperature based boost pressure control and engine protection

NOS additional controller**
+ Power control Vs engine revolutions, manifold pressure, throttle position and time

Switch lamp
Powerful and adjustable LED light with 3 alarm levels

** Requires additional sensor

Boostcontroller PBC Pro with OBD and EGT

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