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1.8T adapter plate for 2.0 TFSI K04-064 turbocharger with hardware - stainless steel


K04-064 manifold adapter made of stainless steel with hardware

To install the K04-064 turbocharger (from the 2.0TFSI Golf 6 R, Audi S3) on a 1.8T

Note: We also supply the adapter plate as a kit including the K04-064 turbocharger, item 3501990204.

For a long time we were asked "when will it finally come" - now it's finally here. Our TurboZentrum manifold adapter plate for the 1.8T. This finally allows the highly efficient K04-064 turbocharger from the Audi S3 8P or Golf 6 R to be installed on a 1.8T. Plug & Play stainless steel turbo manifold adapter plate CNC milled and machined, manufactured in house.

With the 2.0 TFSI also came a new K04 turbocharger technology with integral manifold on the market. These turbochargers alone can afford 330PS +. This turbocharger proved to be a popular tuning object for TFSI engines. Unfortunately, the TFSI integral manifold uses a completely different mounting method and was therefore impossible to mount on a 1.8T cylinder head. We have developed a manifold adapter plate for the 1.8T to use the performance of the 2.0 TFSI K04-064 turbocharger.

In contrast to other competitors, our plate is made of stainless steel and has the original clamp ing areas and fasteners. No milling of original parts necessary. Everything is included in the delivery to be able to mount the plate.

- 1x Adapter plate
- 2x OEM clamp ing wedges below
- 1x Manifold gasket 1.8T standard
- 1x Manifold gasket 2.0 TFSI
- 4x Studs M8 long
- 5x Studs M8 short
- 9x Self-locking Thermag nuts M8
- 9x Screws M8 DIN 912 stainless steel
- 4x Screws flat head M8 stainless steel



Car Brand:Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW
Product Type:Installation set
Tuning Part:Turbo manifold


1.8T adapter plate for 2.0 TFSI K04-064 turbocharger with hardware - stainless s

SKU: 152189
VAT Included
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