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Precision Turbocharges

Please get in touch if you have any questions we are here to help and guide you in what spec is best for your application.

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Precision Turbo & Engine are manufacturers of turbochargers and engine accessories primarily designed for drag racing and sprinting events.

Large frame size turbochargers of some 2,800 BHP capability are their speciality and are applied to such vehicles by Owens performance and testing centre.


You may ask? So lets give you some background Information!


Where Are Precision Turbos Made?

Our manufacturing facility, conveniently located in Northwest Indiana, has been a worldwide supplier of high performance turbochargers that have set the standard for uncompromised quality and unsurpassed performance since the late 1990s.

What do Precision Turbo Numbers Mean?

Using Precision Turbo's 'chargers as examples, the numbers represent the diameters of the inducer and exducer on the compressor and turbine wheels (measured in millimeters, from tip to tip of the blades on each wheel). ... The last two numbers refer to the size of the turbine wheel (66mm)

Are Precision Turbos Good?

While some still claim that precision is suffering from reliability problems one needs to remember that people are not buying a precision turbo to be gentle on it. Most are run at insainly high pressure ratio's and shaft speeds and for them to last as long as they do is a testiment to their engineering.

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