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Following Haltech: Beware the Big Block Beast!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

There’s only one thing to do when your turbocharged, 427ci LSX just doesn’t cut it any more – go big block!

About a year ago the turbo LSX engine from Dale Heiler’s 1999 VT Holden Commodore was transplanted into Nathan Farrugia’s RX3 which quickly became Australia’s quickest LS-powered car.

With the LSX gone, the Commodore was ready to receive its new power plant; a 9L Big Block Chevy. A pair of low mounted 94mm Garrett turbos provide teh BBC with a moderate amount of boost. All fab work for the turbo system was done by Chris in-house at Castle Hill Performance and mates the twin turbos with a pair of Turbosmart wastegates. The wastegates themselves are CO2 controlled, with the ECU calling the shots.

One of the most visually striking items in the engine bay is the sexy Plazmaman billet intake manifold with twin 3.5″ inlets which feed a huge 5.25″ throttle body. Two 6000cc injectors per cylinder ensure the engine gets enough fuel. Fuel is pump from an engine bay mounted fuel tank via a mechanical pump.

The engine management setup consists of an Elite 2500 and REM (Race Expansion Module). REM allows Dale to control 16 injectors while the Elite also directs CO2 to the B&M Shifter which both shifts gears, and logs shift time.

Haltech IQ3 Dash displays and logs all the vital data, and is wired up with a SmartWire PDM.

Built as a 3/4 chassis car, Dale reckons once fully sorted the Commodore should be competitive in the Pro Radial class with sub 6.50 quarter mile times.

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